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Pharmacists sell new meth-proof cold medicine

Local pharmacists are selling a new form of pseudoephedrine to help fight against meth production in East Tennessee.

Eight stores started selling Nexafed, a drug its manufacturer claims cannot be broken down to be used to make methamphetamine.

"It was intriguing to know there was going to be a new formulation made," said Jeremy Long, a pharmacist at City Drug Co. in Maryville. "I am a lab-rat, I'm a nut. I'm one of the crazy people that enjoys the science behind stuff"

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Fish count starts with a shock

Every spring, the Tennessee Valley Authority takes time to measure and check our fish to monitor their health.

They use a quick shock called "electro-fishing" and shortly after the shock, large bass are in boats. TVA scoops up a fish a minute, all for research.

John Justice is a TVA fisheries biologist. He explained, "The amount of fish we have in the valley have really high condition factors and relative weight numbers is pretty amazing for these latitudes. Just the growth rate is really interesting."

Tough choices to combat Blount Co. Jail overcrowding

Despite a recent report indicating crime in Tennessee is down, several local jails are showing the number of inmates is up.

On Wednesday, 523 inmates were behind bars at the Blount County Jail, which is only certified to house a maximum of 350 people.

"It's not safe for deputies inside or inmates serving time," said Tab Burkhalter, Blount County Commissioner.

The average number of inmates has been at 552, significantly higher than the max. While each inmate does have a padded place to sleep, commissioners are debating both a quick fix and a permanent solution.

Smokies crews repairing winter flooding to trails

GATLINBURG, Tenn. (AP) -- Great Smoky Mountains National Park crews are repairing trails that were damaged by flooding this winter.

In Tennessee, the popular Chimney Tops Trail has been closed since January when high waters destroyed the pedestrian bridge at the beginning of the trail.

Crews are working to replace the 70-foot long bridge and estimate the trail will reopen to weekend visitors by June 30. It will remain closed from Monday through Thursday until Oct. 17 for full rehabilitation.

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Friendsville woman killed in Saturday crash

A 63-year-old woman was killed in a four-vehicle crash in Maryville Saturday morning.

Police Chief Tony Crisp said Vivian Haum, of Friendsville, slammed into the back of a vehicle in front of her at the intersection. Crisp said she died from injuries in the crash.

The accident on US 321 caused a chain reaction involving four vehicles, including the Haum's.

Two passengers in Haum's vehicle were transported to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Crisp said they are expected to be ok.

Maryville Boston Marathon participant watches manhunt for bombing suspect

Commissioners send Blount Co. wheel tax to voters

Voters will get to decide if Blount County adds a wheel tax.

Thursday, county commissioners approved putting the proposal on the ballot for a special election in June. The tax money would be used to help the nearly $7 million deficit the school system expects to face next school year.

The proposed wheel tax would be $35 for every vehicle and $17.50 per motorcycle.

Before voting to put the proposal before voters, commissioners voted that any future increase in the wheel tax would have to be approved by voters.