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Stone House Manor is home to antiques and art | Arts & Culture

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Stone House Manor is home to antiques and art
Stone House Manor is home to antiques and art

It was a two story house that was home to families over the years. Now it's a two story business that is home to antiques and art.

"Stone House is a dream come true. My husband and I are both retired and it's always been on our bucket list to have an antique shop," Maggie Crawford said.

Maggie and Richard Crawford converted the residence to a business and filled it with their own antiques and more.

"The antiques, most of them are local. This particular dining room suite came out of an estate out in Jackson Hills," she said.

They opened it as an antique store this winter then the Crawfords quickly decided to add local art.

"There's so much talent in Blount County it doesn't make sense to import it from somewhere else," she said.

Christy Simmers is a local artist.

"This is great because there's not that many venues in this area where you can actually get your work out there and work with the community," she said.

Christy Simmers teaches art classes there twice a month.

"I use the one stroke technique which is a Donna Dewberry taught process and you can paint on anything," she said.

She sells her metal, wood, and glass creations at Stone House Manor and she's not alone.

Maxine Falls said, "I love doing the old jugs and put some of the old rustic buildings on them."

Local artist Maxine Falls captured Stone House Manor on canvass.

"About 20 years ago I started painting and I haven't stopped since then," she said.

The Crawfords enjoy the blend of art and antiques at their store. It's a store they've tried to make feel like home.

"It's not your typical antique store where you've got booths everywhere. We've kind of blended everything into rooms and set them up like they would be in a home so that you feel comfortable," Maggie said.

The artists are comfortable displaying their creations there and hope locals and tourists will stop by Stone House Manor in Maryville.

"It's so nice to go get something that's hand made as a gift rather than something that was imported from somewhere else that everybody's got one like it. These are one of a kind finds," Christy Simmers said.

Maxine Falls said with a laugh, "Come on down and buy!"

The Stone House Manor will host an Arts and Crafts show Saturday September 8th.

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